November 16, 2018by SAC Juniors

    Hi. With all of the snow and rain we had yesterday it is almost certain that the Howard County BOE will keep the school fields closed for tomorrow Nov. 17th. So we have decided to announce now that there will be no Junior Academy soccer tomorrow, to give everyone more notice to plan your weekend. 
    This brings to an end our Junior Academy Fall 2018 season. I share everyone’s frustration and disappointment that we could not get the kids more soccer time due to the weather. I’m working with the SAC office to see how we can maximize our Spring 2019 schedule to try to get the most playing time for Junior Academy. I hope your child had fun and looks forward to playing more.
    Our Spring 2019 season will start on Saturday April 6, 2019. We will keep the same teams together, at the same times and locations. Most of you registered for the Junior Academy full season which includes both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 so you do not need to do anything. A few families registered for “Fall 2018 only” and you should have already been contacted directly by the SAC office with options to register for the Spring 2019. Registration for new players to join us for the Spring 2019 season will open in December. If you have friends who want to join and would like them to be on your team please email me so we can try to arrange that.
    SAC will be holding various Winter indoor training camps and sessions at the Soccer Dome in Harmans ( near Arundel Mills Mall ) .

Coaches: Thank you very much for volunteering and making this league possible. We will be holding a Coaches Meeting and Coaches outdoor training at the end of March. I will be sending more info by email and on the website as we get closer.

I hope everyone has a great Winter and I look forward to seeing you in the Spring.


VP – Juniors Programs  /  SAC/HC

November 10, 2018by SAC Juniors

The school fields are Closed today, Nov. 10th, so we are not able to hold Junior Academy soccer today. We will try again next Saturday Nov. 17th which is our final make-up date for the Fall 2018 season. I am working with the SAC office to see what we can do with the Spring 2019 schedule and will send out that information and post it on our website when it is available.

Thank you,

Eric Haupt   

VP – Juniors Programs  /  SAC/HC  |

4560 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042

October 27, 2018by SAC Juniors

We are cancelling all Junior Academy sessions for today Saturday Oct. 27th. I just went out to two of our school fields this morning and the field conditions are too poor. There is too much standing water and not enough good space to play. The Howard County BOE hotline was not updated this morning. The last update from Wednesday states the fields are open “until further notice”. I don’t have complete faith in the BOE hotline process so I checked our fields myself. With continued rain this morning I regret we need to cancel for today.
Unfortunately we have had more weather cancellations this Fall than expected. We are working on ideas to try to get more soccer in this Fall. Also, a reminder that we do have the Spring season coming up to work with too. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you,

Eric Haupt   

VP – Juniors Programs  /  SAC/HC  |

4560 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042 

October 18, 2018by SAC Juniors

The weather forecast for this Saturday looks good and the fields are dry and open! Junior Academy soccer is back in session for October 20th. 
It is also our Picture Day. Classic Photography will be at our fields this Saturday morning to take individual and team pictures. This will be done at your regular field location and during your regular time. It is not mandatory to buy individual pictures, but we would like all players and coaches in the team pictures. Pictures will be done by team, so report to your team area and coaches as usual.

Coaches: Please be sure to have your team set-up at your assigned field area based on the maps at   . This will help the photographers know which team is where because they will be using our field maps. The photographers will do one team at a time so please be flexible as your turn could interrupt you soccer activities.

Scrimmage: Because of Picture Day every team should conduct a self-scrimmage this week.

Parents: Please hold onto your picture order form and give it to the photographers, not to the coaches.

Click Here to Print Your Order Form

The photographers will have extra order forms at the field.


Remaining Schedule for Fall 2018: We have had 3 dates so far this Fall where the fields were closed and we could not play soccer. We are currently using November 10th as our scheduled make-up date. I just received permission for us to also use November 17th as an additional Junior Academy make-up date.  I will coordinate with the coaches to see who is available for Nov. 17th and send out more information as we get closer to that date. Here is what our Fall season looks like now:

September 8     Open
September 15    Fields Closed
September 22    Open
September 29 Fields Closed
October 6        Open  –  Used as a Make-up date
October 13       Fields Closed
October 20       Open   * Picture Day *
October 27      Scheduled
November 3       Scheduled
November 10      Scheduled Make-up date
November 17 Additional Make-up date

Have a great weekend. I will see you on the soccer fields.

October 12, 2018by SAC Juniors

The Howard County BOE has closed the fields due to wet conditions for Saturday October 13th so we cannot hold SAC Junior Academy sessions tomorrow. Our Picture Day will be next Saturday October 20th. We have confirmed with Classic Photography that they will be there on Oct. 20th.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as the weather this Fall has adversely affected our soccer schedule. I encourage everyone to get outside and kick the ball around with your child when you have a chance this weekend.

From Classic Photography:

We will be taking pictures at your regular scheduled time and location on October 20th.

We ask that you pass out the envelopes and fill out the coach’s sheet that came with the envelopes.

We will have extra of both. Below please find an electronic version of the order envelope.

Please send this to your parents. If the fields are open and the weather permits we will be there.

Click Here to Print Your Order Form


This is a major fundraiser for SAC. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Don’t Forget!

SAC Picture Day is Coming.

September 28, 2018by SAC Juniors

Parents and Coaches,
The Howard County BOE has closed all school grass fields for the weekend due to the heavy rains this past week and the fields being too wet. So we will not be having Junior Academy soccer tomorrow morning and Picture Day is rescheduled to October 13th.
We will use next Saturday October 6th as a practice make-up day for this rain-out.

Coaches: Please let me know if you are unable to attend next Saturday Oct. 6th. If your team will not have a coach available for this make-up date please let me know. We understand that you may have made plans for what was an “open weekend”. For teams without a coach for Oct. 6th we will re-assign those players as “Guest Players” for the day to other teams at that location. I will coordinate that with you on a team by team basis.

Parents: Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with a very wet September. Hopefully October will be better. If you can find some dry ground this weekend, kick the soccer ball around with your child and enjoy the nice Fall weather.

Thank you,

Eric Haupt   

VP – Juniors Programs  /  SAC/HC  |

4560 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042 

September 14, 2018by SAC Juniors

Parents and Coaches,

Below are links to the Junior Academy Fall 2018 scrimmage schedules. Please select the age group and location for your player.

Girls 2013 at Clemens Crossing ES (CCES) Schedule                   CCES Field Map

Girls 2013 at Thunder Hill ES (THES) Schedule                           THES Field Map

Girls 2014 at Clemens Crossing ES (CCES) Schedule                   CCES Field Map


Boys 2013 at Centennial Lane ES (CLES) Schedule                     CLES Field Map

Boys 2013 at Clarksville MS (CMS) Schedule                                CMS Field Map

Boys 2014 at Centennial Lane ES (CLES) Schedule                     CLES Field Map

Boys 2014 at Clarksville MS (CMS) Schedule                                CMS Field Map


The scrimmage will take place in the last third of the session.

  • For 2013 teams that will be from 10:00 am to 10:30 am
  • For 2014 teams that will be from 11:40 am to 12:00 pm Noon.

For the scrimmage, each team will split into two groups. One half of the team will wear the yellow pinnies and will ‘travel’ to the other team’s field. One half of the team will stay on their ‘home’ field. Coaches of the two teams will coordinate which coach(es) will be on each field. Be sure that players moving to another field bring their water bottle!

Reminder that we do not keep scores or standings at this age group. Please cheer for all players!

Prior to starting every scrimmage both teams should introduce themselves to the other team. At the end of every scrimmage players and coaches should shake hands.  Good sportsmanship is important in our program!

At the end of the scrimmage both halves of the team should regroup at their ‘home’ field for snacks and a team cheer before going home.

We hope your children have a lot of fun!

Eric Haupt   

VP – Juniors Programs  /  SAC/HC  |

4560 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042